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SaaS, Training and Consulting
for the remote workforce

Productivity Fox is a SaaS solution built for organizations who want to bring next generation solutions into their business for project management, productivity tools, meeting management, note capture, time tracking and to do’s.

Built for remote teams looking to work collaboratively in the new way of work, Productivity fox is designed as a user friendly way to work with your team no matter where they are located.

If your goal is to have a working solution quickly and leverage the capabilities within the product, then Productivity Fox could be right for your organization.

Implementing Productivity Fox is as simple as engaging our professional services team who can offer engagements from as little as 2 weeks for our SMB quick start up to 2 months for our multi department role out.


Set Up Focus

Let us help you through the onboarding process and get up and running with Productivity Fox inside 2 weeks


  • User subscriptions
  • UI Configuration
  • Templates
  • Your first projects!


Already downloaded Productivity Fox, then let us help you with popular automations that can help save your team time everyday


  • Notifications
  • Approvals
  • Workflows
  • Automated Reports


Needing some personal training and consulting about the best ways to run Productivity Fox, then let us help you


  • Creating custom reports
  • Consulting on PM Best Practices
  • Additional Training
  • Advanced Q&A

Interested in our Quick Start Package?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the hours work?

Your hours are in a one time retainer that commences with your subscription, it’s designed this way to start your business seeing value faster.

If my organization has a Salesforce Admin should we still do the Getting Started Package?

Yes! We’ve designed the Quick Start Package as a retainer so that you can allocate your hours depending on your situation. If you don’t have an admin or perhaps your admin team does not have the capacity to support your implementation timeline, then the Quick Start is likely your best option. If you do have a Salesforce admin with available capacity, then use your available hrs to further enhance your initial onboarding by supplementing it with our advanced automation or training services.

What support can we get post onboarding?

The Getting Started Package is designed to get your organisation’s instance of Productivity Fox stood up and properly installed so that our standard Customer Success is suitable for your post deployment needs. Customer Success includes a fully documented knowledge base with user guides and videos, weekly webinars for best practice tips and Q/A, regular check-ins, along with access to our support channel.

How long will it take to implement Productivity Fox?

Should you choose to allocate your hours towards the Quick Start plan, the timeline to get onboarded is two weeks, using an estimated 15-20 hrs from Productivity Fox from start to end. If you have leftover hours post onboarding, then you have a month to leverage all the hours to help expedite your onboarding.

What if our requirements are more unique to our business and will require more customisations than outlined in the Getting Started Package?

Here at Productivity Fox, our Professional Service specialise in getting our core Out-Of-The-Box solution unboxed and set up as quickly as possible. With that said, the Productivity Fox solution is highly customisable and can be leveraged a number of different ways. Therefore, we maintain a vast Productivity Fox Implementation Partner network, leveraging highly rated Salesforce Consultants to bring additional industry and platform expertise for customised installations. We’d be happy to connect you!

Is the Getting Started Package required in order to use Productivity Fox?

Yes, the Getting Started Package is our commitment to your long term success. We highly recommend you include it in your initial cost evaluation.